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Description of Accountingupgrade.com

1. Seller Bio

I made a recent switch in my professional finance career and and as such, I do no have enough time to dedicate to this site.

2. Executive Summary

AccountingUpgrade.com is a blog with 22 unique articles on keywords with low competition & high traffic. Accounting and CPA has a high value lead gen opportunity as soon-to-be-CPAs typically pay anywhere from $500-2000 USD to purchase the courses needed to get their CPA exams. Furthermore, this process has be renewed every 1-2 years. 

3. Highlights

Accounting exam and accounting knowledge is a niche industry with a very small handful of competitors (do a quick google search and you will only find 4-5 main competitors) so this gives you the opportunity for you to build AccountingUpgrade.com into the top 5 accounting sites in the world.


Unique domain (AccountingUpgrade.com) simple and easy to remember
22 unique accounting articles all written by myself


Lead Gen for CPA course creators (revenue share on $500-2000 CPA examination course purchases)
Continue to create accounting articles with unique keywords (low competition, high traffic)

7. Seller Notes

I got a new finance job recently and will be dedicating a lot of time to that and also in the process of starting an education tech company to help kids K-12 and young learners with remote learning. 

Financial Details of Accountingupgrade.com

The site has not been monetized yet due to busy schedule and other sites that I managed.

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$250 Reserve Price

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