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Description of Top10fx.net

I have been operating this Top10FX.net website for affiliate marketing on Forex trading and earning money. But I can't update anymore. This site is entirely ready to generate revenue.

Anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing on a commission basis can earn money with Top10FX.net site.

The site is based on the WordPress platform. Fully customized for design, speed, and mobility.

You have the chance to earn from both Forex and Binary Options trading as the visitor profiles are similar.

Publishing and site maintenance is highly easy and practical and does not require any technical or coding knowledge due to WordPress.

You only need to allocate a few hours weekly to earn commission profits from the Forex and Binary Options brokers.

You have 3 alternatives for earnings:
1) Broker commissions
2) Paid banners and text link advertisement
3) Listing fees

Broker commissions are varying between $400-$1,200 per trader you refer to the brokers.

So, you have the chance to get back your investment even with just 1 trader you refer to any broker!

When you start to publish fresh content regularly, the site will regain rankings and traffic shortly and easily as it is an aged site.

Domain, unique content, and social media accounts are included in the sale.

Good luck with your investment!

Financial Details of Top10fx.net

Have been so busy so cannot allocate time to monetize the site, hence selling.

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Not inserted supporting documents yet

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$20 Last Bid

1 bid


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