Gross Revenue
$1 p/mo
Net Profit
$1 p/mo
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Traffic average declared

Avg Page views/3 months 16,600
Avg Unique visitors/3 months 11,771

Description of

The monthly traffic and profit is average of all the 5 client sites for the last 6 months. 

This is an academic writing business. The business has five clients’ websites through which they order papers. Admins and writers have their own website separate from those of clients from which writers can access and work on orders placed through the clients' websites while admins manage the orders, all users, and everything else.

We make money when students come to order sample papers from us, similar to having a private tutor who helps with guiding a student on their classes. In summary, students come with assignment instructions and we write sample papers on how they ought to have done the assignments. We then deliver the papers via their dashboards and they access them through their five websites, depending on which website they are using. They then go and write their assignments, using our sample papers as guidelines.

While placing the orders, clients are charged based on the number of pages, academic level, deadline, subject, and the level of writers. We also have discounts that admins determine how they work. Once a client checkout, the order appears on the website that hosts admins and writers who then can start to process it.

Traffic is organic through the blogs, and direct visits by returning clients. There are over 20k blog posts on each client site.

1.     There are hundreds of returning clients, which means that you will start generating revenue immediately after you purchase the business as it is currently generating income.

2.     High returns of over 80% profit margin. Writers are paid 15% of the revenue while operating expenses are below 3% of the revenue.

3.     The five clients’ websites have over 20k blog posts each, generating organic traffic. So, you will still have organic traffic to drive sales alongside sponsored ads.

4.     The system is fully independent system, fully customizable. This gives you full control of the business since you can add and remove any features you want, unlike third-party platforms.

5.     We handover everything including writers. So no hustle for hiring afresh, unless you opt to do so.

Financial Details of

I have provided gross revenue and net profit for the last 1 year, but I have the data from 2018. Please note that the net profit is after all expenses including payment to writers. The only expenses in the business is writer payments, domain renewals, Cpanel hosting, blogger, and dedicated server hosting.

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