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Description of thisthatgifts.co.uk

Key Highlights

  • Brand New UK Startup In The Personalised Gifts Niche
  • Dropshipping Business With Worldwide Shipping
  • Trading Agreements Already In Place & Setup
  • Branded Products Available (Marvel, Disney, Thomas & Friends etc)
  • Modern Designed Website Built With WordPress
  • Payments via Woocommerce Using Either Stripe or Paypal
  • Facebook and Instagram Pages Included
  • Logo Included
  • Perfect Business For Buyers Who Don't Want The Hassle Of Physically Dealing With Products.


This & That Personalised Gifts provides gifts; such as books, toys, glassware and alcohol which are perfectly personalised for the customer. All products are dropshipped from the UK however can be shipped worldwide and almost all products are big brand names including Marvel, Disney, Thomas & Friends and Build-a-Bear.

The business has been setup so the only operations which requires attention is marketing and placing the actual orders with the dropshipper (however this can also be automated via the dropshipper). Within the hands of an experienced owner and/or marketer, we predict this business can be ran on a minimum commitment of 2-3 hours per day when optimised.


This & That Personalised Gifts is focused on customers who like buying special gifts for their love ones during specific occasions throughout the year. For example, boyfriends & husbands buying personalised Valentine chocolates for their wives or parents buying their children personalised Christmas Boxes for Xmas Eve.

Although we have focused on the UK market, most products can be shipped internationally so there is an opportunity to market products in other regions such as USA, Australia and Canada.

In the short time we have had the business up and running (6+ months), our Facebook page has a loyal engaging following however our Instagram page could do with extra work (as we have neglected this and concentrated on Facebook). We have done no marketing to acquire these followers therefore we have no doubts that, with some marketing, this following - and Instagram - can be grown exponentially. We also believe that email, Pinterest and Tik Tok could be ideal platforms to promote this business in the long term.


We launched this business back in June with the website launching in November. Most of our sales in the beginning were offline or via our social media platforms. Unfortunately, as soon as the website was published and made live, our priorities were refocused on our web agency clients so This & That Personalised Gifts was placed on the backburner.

Our profit margins on every product is at the recommended 30%, however, this is entirely a personal choice. Our RRP does not mean you need to stick to these figures and can be lowered or increased as you see fit.

There are products for every annual occasion (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween etc) so this business can literally run throughout the year without any dip in sales or financials, as long as it is marketed correctly.

Additional Notes

It is worth noting that we are only selling this business due to other operations within our own business taking priority. We have the utmost confidence that in the right hands This & That Personalised Gifts can easily be an exciting and financially rewarding opportunity.

We will provide as much assistance as possible to ensure a smooth handover of the business. If required, we can even continue to host the website and emails. Please just let us know if you would like us to provide this service.

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$100 Reserve Price

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