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Easy Steps on How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners

We laid down here the simple process on how to create a WordPress website for beginners for free.

You don’t need to be someone that has a lot of knowledge or knows much about programming to start a WordPress website because we made the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide step for you.  

Why need a website ?

There are lots of reasons why you need a website. And the top 3 reasons why you need a website are:

  • It attracts new customers and make you more money.
  • A website gives you more credibility.
  • It creates you an organic search traffic.

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What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a content management system and open-source software that powers around 42% of websites globally. The best thing about WordPress is it has a rich number of themes, page builders, and plugins that add important features and functionalities to your website.

Difference of WordPress.com and WordPress.org

The main difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is the one who is hosting your website.

With WordPress.com, it is WordPress itself that hosts your website. It’s easier to start but less freedom.

With WordPress.org, you host your own site. Therefore, you can select where do you want to host your website. More freedom and more scalability if you have other websites to add to your hosting site.

How to create a WordPress website for beginners ?

Here, we will discuss how to create a WordPress website for beginners. This topic will focus on building a site through WordPress.org (recommended). For new bloggers, it is best to use self-hosted WordPress.

  • Step 1 – Get a domain name and a hosting plan.

Your domain name is your brand. With this, you need to choose domains that are short, memorable, easy to spell out, brandable, with keywords if possible, and without hyphens.

Sample domain names like Google.com, Tesla.com, and Apple.com are very short and memorable.

You can check the domain here if it is still available.

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Once you know the domain that you want, you already need to buy hosting plan.

There are registrars that offer a free domain when you buy their hosting plan. Hosting is the place where your files will be saved so your website will be live 24/7.

Bluehost website - one of the best hosting provider to help you on how to create a WordPress website for beginners
Bluehost website

If you are ready to buy a domain with free hosting, you can use Bluehost.com, our recommended hosting provider. Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites globally.

Here’s how to get started with Bluehost.

  1. Go to Bluehost.com and click login.
  2. Choose a basic plan.
  3. Create your free domain name.
  4. Create your account.

  • Step 2 – Install WordPress
WordPress.org website

Self-hosted WordPress is the best platform for new website owners. And the good news, it is only one click on Bluehost to install a self-hosted WordPress. Very easy, right?

  • Step 3 – Select a theme.

There are lots of good free WordPress themes to choose from. We recommend using Astra, a beautiful and feature-rich theme from Brainstorm Force.

Astra, a powerful and speedy WP theme

The free version of Astra is already powerful yet you might want to avail the premium version for more extensive features.

  • Step 4 – Customize the looks of your website

You can now change the settings of your website to align with its persona. Almost everything can be changed within the admin panel, from the landing page of the site, the call-to-action buttons, the hero image, the sidebar, the blogs, the size and style of fonts, and many more.

  • Step 5 – Install plugins

When starting a blog, it’s important to add important plugins. Plugins are sets of tools that add more features to your website.

Here’s our list of the most recommended plugins for your website.

  1. Elementor Pro
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Wordfence
  4. Add to Any Buttons
  • Step 6 – Create a great content

Perfect! You are now ready to start blogging. You need now to create contents that will surely match the user’s search intent.

Wrap Up

As you can see, starting a blog is very easy.

To recap, the 6 steps are:

  • Choose a blog name and web hosting.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Pick your blog’s theme.
  • Customize the looks of your website
  • Install WordPress plugins.
  • Create great content. 

Congrats and we hope that you can be successful on your blog. Hard work always pays off. Keep it up!

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