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Make Money With ClickBank Without SEO: Strategies To Generate Traffic & Revenue In 2021!

Note: The title is a bit “sensational”, I just want to use the phrase “make money with ClickBank” as an example, but actually with the strategy in this post you can apply to make money with most forms of affiliate marketing today!

As you know, when doing affiliate marketing that means in any way you have to drive traffic to your website/blog and more specifically your landing page to sell other people’s products, then receive commissions.

To sum it up in a sentence is like that, but to do that I know there are many things like:

  • Choose potential products
  • Build a blog/website
  • Create content, create landing pages (also called Squeeze pages)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Create and navigate traffic
  • Build email list
  • Sell…

However, most of these series of processes we all have problems that are how to:

  • Create instant traffic without spending too much resources to do SEO?
  • Navigate traffic to the right landing page you want?
  • Turn visitors into buyers?

These are the three biggest problems when participating in making money with affiliate marketing that everyone faces.

So which solution to not need to focus on SEO but still create and navigate the traffic to the landing page in the best way?

The answer is Paid Traffic!

When referring to paid traffic, (traffic generated from payment), do we think of paid advertising right away? It could be Google Ads or Microsoft Ads (Bing) or Facebook Ads, etc,.

But there are some problems with paid advertising such as: Prices are getting more expensive, resulting in lower conversion rates (ROI), you may even suffer losses.

So in this guide, I will show you a strategy to create instant traffic from Instagram and combine it with Facebook Advertising, email marketing to turn cold traffic into warm – hot traffic (ie traffic you don’t own into traffic you own). Finally, continue to generate cold traffic on a larger scale to sell and generate revenue.

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Sounds attractive right? So what exactly do you get after the end of this guide?

  • How to search and choose potential products to promote
  • How to search for accounts and hire Influencer on Instagram
  • Pay for Influencer on Instagram to navigate traffic to your landing page
  • Platforms that help create the best landing page
  • Use email marketing tools to sell your initial sales
  • The re-marketing strategy to turn cold traffic into warm and hot traffic
  • Run email autoresponder campaign to increase revenue
  • Use Lookalike Audience tool to expand potential audience

Let’s start! This post will be very long but very detailed and there are many secrets revealed for the first time!

Step 1: Choose Products To Promote

To begin with, surely we will need a specific product to promote, right. For how to choose products, you can see more about this guide.

However, to keep the content throughout I will go very quickly and take the example from ClickBank (where you can find a lot of digital products to promote). Of course you can also refer to other sites like or MaxBounty, ShareAsale …

For example, if you want to find a weight loss product, right on ClickBank go to Health & Fitness and then browse the sub categories. You will see Diets & Weight Loss.

instructions for selecting a niche for an affiliate site

Immediately you will see a lot of products listed, but the core issue is that you need to choose good quality and profitable products.

I personally recommend relying on Gravity and the commissions received on each sale. Usually there are 4 main factors to choose a product:

  • Gravity from 25 becomes the best
  • Commissions received must be at least $ 15/sale
  • The vendor’s sales page must be professional, for high conversion
  • There is a link to the page for Affiliates in the product description (highlighted in red below)…

Okay, I seem to have seen a product that meets these 4 factors.


Checking the link in the description, I found this product with full supporting documentation such as email, banner ads, Product reviews …

JV Page

We already have products to promote, what’s next???

I will write no more details in this section, but you definitely need to do this:

  • It’s necessary to build websites, create content (can hire on FiverrUpWork… or write yourself)
  • Creating lead-magnet (bait) could be ebook, email course, report, video … whatever you can give free to customers in exchange for their email
  • Build Landing page, Squeeze page (You can use ProfitBuilderInstapage or WordPress Landing Pages free plugin)

As a result you will have a website/blog like this…


And a landing page like this…


Website/blog and the article content is your center, the landing page is where you navigate traffic here to build your email list.

But where is the traffic for you to navigate to? How to get traffic right away without SEO?

This is the main content of this tutorial! And it’s in the next step!

Step 2: Find & Hire Influencer On Instagram

This is exactly what I want to reveal to you in this post! Behind this idea, you need to find an influencer account on Instagram (that is, influential person, who owns a large number of followers).

Then hire them to post pictures and:

  • Share information about your Instagram account to increase followers (if you own an Instagram account) or…
  • Navigating traffic to the landing page, squeeze page and you can…
  • Hire them to share the affiliate link directly (this is not recommended)

In short, this is a post rental form, buying ads from individuals on Instagram!

But specifically how? Don’t worry, I’ll share with you 2 ways:

Method 1: Buy Ads Directly From Influencer

Now you need to open Instagram on your computer browser or phone then enter the keyword “weight loss” in the search box (because we need to promote weight loss products)

You will be prompted for the most active accounts, with a large follow-up number as shown below.


Check these accounts and evaluate the following:

  • Number of followers: Minimum of 50,000
  • Minimum number of interactions: 1000 likes for each post
  • Profile and account description: There is enough information to contact (usually an email address or website)

Here’s an account like that! You can find and list similar accounts.


Okay, now contact the account holder via email to inquire about buying ads, usually with accounts with 300k followers and a good level of interaction, the price for each post will range from $20 – $120.

Note: You can completely cleverly pay a reasonable price and choose good prices from all quotes and depending on your financial potential!

If you are too difficult to contact and buy direct ads, right below is an easier way…

Method 2: Buy Ads Through an Intermediary Platform

Currently there are many platforms that can help you immediately buy ads on Instagram, where you will find a lot of influencers in many areas.

I will provide you with the 3 largest platforms below:

You can even search for “instagram shoutout” gigs on Fiverr.

I personally like Shoutcart the most because of its intuitive user interface, reasonable price and is divided into very specific fields!


You can select Categories then check 3 columns:

  • Number of followers on account
  • Score: Score to assess the level of interaction (the higher the better)
  • Price: Minimum price for a post

After a while of searching, I saw an account of 269k followers in “Fitness & Sports”, score about 5.7 with extremely reasonable prices!


Okay, so with this account’s level of interactivity of 2k2 on average, for $40-$45 for Permanent shoutout, the chances are great you will have a profit!

Just get 3 sales (usually more) then you have $50.43 (because your product has a commission of $16.81) !!! Good ROI!


Step 3: How To Buy Ads From Influencers On Instagram Most Effectively?

As in step #2, I showed you two ways to buy ads that are direct buy and buy through intermediaries.

You will have to choose one of two ways or you can test both ways to evaluate the effectiveness. But the important thing I want to share with you is to try buying ads with more than 1 account. That is to divide the amount of investment for many different accounts.

In addition, you should take the time to carefully evaluate the number of followers, the number of interaction as like, the average comment on each post of the account you intend to buy ads.

For now …

How To Prepare Content To Buy Ads?

In order for an ad to be successful, 80% is in the ad content so you need to prepare this process well. When buying ads on Instagram you will have to prepare 2 things:

  • Image
  • Advertising content

Here are 2 things you will send to Influencers (or account owners). The best type of image is the image that shows the results and benefits of using the product.

For example, with the weight loss niche, most of us will need to create an image of the type before and after using the product.

Now there are 2 ways for you to buy an ad! (Note: It’s best to do both)

Method 1: How to create ads to increase followers for your Instagram account

In this way, in the description that you send to Influencer you need to add your personal account. The goal is to increase your followers and thereby direct traffic to your website or Squeeze page to build your email list.

Here is an example!


In the image you can see the change, the content with personal account and description must be clear!

The next is a detailed description on a personal profile and don’t forget to display the website address, squeeze page with a call to action.


In this way, you have increased a lot of followers and increased traffic and can receive a small initial conversion rate!

Method 2: How to create ads to navigate traffic to Squeeze page

If you don’t have an Instagram account, this is the option for you. Insert the link of the Squeeze page directly into the ad text and include a specific call to action (picture below)!


Also combining both ways is also a solution!


In short, to effectively advertise, you need to combine and experiment in different ways. But note the following factors:

  • There must be images (because of instagram) and images need to show the benefits of the product.
  • Content should be brief but clear.
  • There is no abuse of hashtags (users can easily identify a post advertisement through hashtags).
  • There must be a concrete call to action.
  • Navigating the traffic to the gift page (Squeeze page) to build an email list is best.

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At the end of this step, you have COLD TRAFFIC – that is, the kind of traffic you get from buying ads.

But with cold traffic there will usually be two problems:

  • It is very difficult to convert them into customers (because there is no belief, no relationship has been built).
  • Most of them will leave and very rarely go back to your website/blog.

Therefore, the need now is that we need …

Step 4: Run Your First Email Marketing Campaign

After buying ads in the above step, you have navigated a significant amount of traffic to the Squeeze page, surely there will be a certain percentage of your email list already registered.

Now is the time to create your automated email campaign, to do this you need to use at least one tool, I always recommend to you:

  • Getresponse: 30-day free with full functionality.
  • Mailchimp: Free to build 2000 email addresses and send up to 12,000 emails/month.

The goal of an email marketing campaign is that you need to create a sales scenario, lead and build relationships with people who have registered email at the squeeze page.

Of course, to have a successful email marketing campaign, a lot of work is required on how to write your email, your persuasion skills.

But you can basically use the 3 email rules as follows:

  • Email 1: Welcome email right after the user registers at the squeeze page (instructions and links to download eBook, PDF file, video … that you promised).
  • Email 2: Ask them about the gift you sent in email number 1. Talk to them as a friend and offer attractive offers (discounts, purchase limits …) first about the product which you are promoting.
  • Email 3: Repeat and ask if they have received the offer and purchased the product? Describe more details about product benefits and provide links to the order page.

There are longer email chains, with more emails and may need to match your product and higher goals is to build relationships to sell more related products in the future.

Be creative, write emails like talking to friends, then monitor open rates, click rates and especially conversion rates to adjust to get the best results!

Here are 3 sample emails that I want to give you, unlock it by helping me share this post!This content is lockedPlease support us, use one of the buttons below to unlock the content.tweetlike us

You can also get my 99+ Done-For-You High Converting Emails For TOP 10 Affiliate Niches: Weight Loss, Make Money Online, Entreprenuership, Health & Wellness, Cooking & Recipes, Dating, etc,.

Step 5: Turn Cold Traffic Into Warm-Hot Traffic

There is a fact that everyone uses mobile devices (cell phones) when using Instagram. This leads to a low purchase rate, and I am sure that even if it is directed to the gift page (Squeeze page), the rate of subscribing to the email list is also very low.

So how to solve this problem?

We can absolutely do the following…

Step 5.1: Use Facebook Pixel

The goal of this is that you will:

  • Create a pixel code on Facebook.
  • Put it on your website/blog.
  • Use this pixel code to re-targeting to bring users back to the website/blog (or Squeeze page) for them to purchase, or register an email list (if not registered).

Why do you need to do this: Recall that in step #3 we bought ads from Influencers on Instagram, buying ads have somehow helped you create instant cold traffic. They were navigated to your website/blog and the pixel code worked to “remember – track” them and help you reach out with Facebook Ads.


When they once again see your ad, they will be reminded that you created the next traffic and this is WARM TRAFFIC!

Here’s a quick guide to help you create pixel codes.

At Facebook ad manager, choose Power Editor -> Pixel


Select Create a Custom Audience and select Website Traffic section.


Name the pixel code and press Create Audience.


Finally, copy this pixel code and place it on the website’s Header tag.


That’s all the process to create a pixel code, if you haven’t done it before, this is a more detailed tutorial for you.

Step 5.2: Run Ads & Re-marketing

Okay next, choose the best articles and spend the money to advertise to target groups that you get in the previous step.

Of course these ads are not the purpose of sales but are to build links with cold traffic group to convert it into warm traffic. Simple advertising should prompt them to download gifts at the squeeze page or call them to join your email list …

An example of an ad you can use is: You have accessed the [xyz page] but you seem to have forgotten to download [the free ebook]. Get it now!

That is all you create to remind them, drag them back to the website/blog, landing page …. is to be!

Repeat this process and then combine with email marketing you will definitely get warm – hot traffic!

Step 6: Expand Your Target Audience With Lookalike Audience

At the end of step 5, you get the traffic from buying ads from Instagram, you also know how to target and reach that audience again to turn cold traffic (the type of traffic you don’t own) into warm-hot traffic (type of traffic you own).

Now how to increase the amount of traffic with the same audience? One way is…

Facebook has a great tool called Lookalike Audience, which means “the target audience has the same interests, and behaviors as those who like fanpage, people who have visited your website.”

This is the group of people you need to target!

Now go to the Audience Manager section of the Facebook Ad Editor.

Select Create Audience -> Lookalike Audience


Okay, a pop-up window should appear as shown below.


In the section:

  • Source: Select the source you want to create the same object (the source here may be the same pixel you already have in step 5, or it may also be the group of people who like fanpage…).
  • Location: The geographical location of the target group you want.
  • Audience Size: The size of the target group is from 1 to 10 (note that the lower the percentage scale, the closer and closer the group is to your source).

Below is the similar object group that I created. Click Create Audience complete!


This is a very large, very potential audience and it will be cold traffic!

Your job is to repeat the above steps of this article (targeted advertising) to reach them, making them warm-hot traffic!

The process of coming here is temporarily finished, there is no need for SEO! Hope you enjoy it!


With this post over 3000 words, I hope to provide you with a different approach, a strategy to create smarter traffic, save time (but not save money) than the strategy depends on SEO.

In short, you will need to focus on following the steps to implement this strategy:

  • Choose a potential product to sell, to promote
  • Build a center to dump traffic (that’s your website/blog – your content)
  • Use the lead-magnet (bait), landing page, squeeze page to collect email lists
  • Generate cold traffic by purchasing from Influencer accounts on Instagram (can be purchased directly or via intermediate).
  • Create and add pixel code to your website/blog to “track” users
  • Run ads re-targeting to create warm – hot traffic
  • Combine email marketing tools for sales, increase sales
  • Expand your target audience with the Lookalike Audience tool
  • Finally repeat and repeat!

This is the strategy for you to make money with ClickBank without SEO. Of course as mentioned at the beginning of this post, ClickBank is just an example.

You can absolutely use this strategy to generate traffic for yourself in any market, empty, as long as you have enough resources to invest and remember to track all processes and always evaluate effective to adjust!

What do you think about this article? What strategy are you applying to generate traffic and revenue? I would love to hear more of your share!

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