About Us

Negotiante connects buyers and sellers of businesses. Negotiante’s aim is to build a strong and fair marketplace that provides entrepreneurs with opportunities to transform their ideas into business success. By 2025, we aim to serve more than 1 million Negotiantes across the globe with our excellent team, superior technology infrastructure, and large curation of digital assets.

We Empower Buyers

We enable buyers to procure businesses that have optimal revenue potential. Buyers can browse through various types of digital properties such as websites and domains and view relevant information on them. Buyers can bid for the ventures they are interested in. Our site facilitates buyers to conduct due diligence of the listings and understand their valuation. Our platform provides ease of transaction, secure deals, and a transparent and complete handover.

We Equip Sellers

We support listed sellers with the ability to sell their business irrespective of size, type, or geographic location. Our platform enables the seller to value the business and list it on the website. The seller can showcase relevant information about the business to vetted buyers. Qualified buyers can contact the seller on Negotiante’s secured platform. We offer support to complete the deal. The seller can negotiate and finalize an appropriate deal with a buyer on our platform. The transaction can be completed most securely and efficiently through our payment flow service.

Negotiante brings together entrepreneurs who have built a business with passion and real buyers who understand business value. It is a great medium to buy and sell digital assets across the world.

We embrace the latest technology to furnish powerful solutions for the entire business cycle of listing and valuation of businesses, searching and shortlisting them, selecting a business, and finalizing the transaction.

We have a collaborative working environment where each team member is appreciated and given opportunities to thrive in the workplace. We believe in offering value to our customers and work together to achieve that by delivering innovative solutions.

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