How It Works

Negotiante is an online marketplace for web-based products. Sellers can list their websites, domains, web apps, and mobile apps on our online market. Buyers can look through the listings of web-based products to own a suitable one. Negotiante is a platform to ensure a smooth transaction.

How it works for buyers?

Register - You can register yourself with Negotiante to deal in websites, domains, web apps, and mobile apps.

Browse - Look for the right opportunities through the listings of numerous ventures and apps.

Contact - Contact the seller for more information.

Finalize the transaction - Evaluate the business using the information available and utilizing our services such as due diligence evaluation. Place a bid with the seller. Once the conditions are favorable to both parties, finalize the contract of sale, make the payment, and take ownership of your new business. Negotiante has services such as the creation of contracts, secure payment methods, etc.

How it works for sellers?

Register - You can register your venture or business with Negotiante and list it on the website. Give the relevant information that will help you get the best deal. Negotiante offers services like valuation which will enable you to understand the true value of your business.

Evaluate bids - Scan through bids offered by buyers. You can get the details of the buyers and communicate with them. You are free to ignore bids that are not suitable for you.

Finalize the transaction - Select the best buyer and bid, finalize the contract of sale, get the payment done, and transfer your business to the new owner. We can assist you in closing the deal in the best interests of both parties.

Sellers pay a fee for listing their business and a transaction charge when they conduct a successful transaction. Buyers can register for free and also finalize transactions without any charges or fees. We offer services such as marketing packages, vetting services, and assistance in finalizing contracts for a fee.

Contact us if you have any questions.