Referral Program

Our referral program allows registered users to recommend our services to their business associates, friends, and relatives. Buyers and sellers on Negotiante can invite acquaintances to list their business or explore attractive deals. Referrals can be accomplished in different ways:

1. Send a link with an invite to be part of Negotiante’s growing tribe.

2. Add their email address on the website's referral page.

3. List Negotiante to your blogs and social media pages.

A referral program is a great way to share your views about a business that works. You get in the good books of people to whom you have given valuable information, and the person referred gets opportunities to strike a good business deal. It is a win-win situation.

Negotiate also offers rewards to people who give referrals. The people who get referred are also given the opportunity to earn on various services and trades done through Negotiante.

Our referral program is beneficial to the following:

Referral Givers - They can give the impression of being tech-savvy and being experts in online marketplaces. They also get a commission on every transaction their referrals make on Negotiante.

Referred Users - They gain a platform to conduct a good business. They obtain the best deals and services on Negotiante.

Negotiante - People trust recommendations from customers. Negotiante benefits from the word-of-mouth marketing.  With more users on board, we can get more feedback and data. Our analytics program can provide us with insights to improve our marketplace and deliver better service to our customers.

Our referral program provides a good 10% up to 50% share on our net commissions after payment processing charges and taxes.

Go ahead and refer our service so we can build a collaborative business community that is able to generate the most value.